Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Deborah Sacks Mintz leads her "Nigun Gevurah/Barchi Nafshi" at USCJ Convention

Video here.

I spent several minutes trying to figure how I could be singing along when I couldn't figure where in the siddur (prayer book) the words were from.  Naturally, my husband listened for about 10 seconds and pegged the words as coming from right before Shochen Ad.  That makes sense, since he almost always leads P'sukei D'Zimra, and these words are, except on a Yom Tov/holiday, the last ones that he leads.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is literally just noise. I literally could not listen to that. If that's what you're trying to introduce in your shul, no wonder there is resistance.

Thu Dec 19, 12:43:00 PM 2019  
Blogger Liz Feldman said...

This is a stunning niggun. Hard to learn, but once I got it I can't stop singing it! Thanks to Deborah Sacks Mintz for another winner.

Thu Dec 19, 06:09:00 PM 2019  

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